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Today’s laundry day, and that has me thinking: “There is so much I want to change, to improve, to simplify in my life and the life of my family.”  Unfortunately, the changes aren’t so easy to make.  Perhaps, getting my thoughts down in writing will help me to move toward my goals.  I want to change the way I clean, the way I cook, the way I eat, the way I dress.  I want to set the best example for my child by being greener and healthier. 

And I digress, back to the laundry! (Focus, please! I could ramble on all day.)  There are so many things I could do better when it comes to doing the laundry.  For one thing, I could do it a bit more often.  It’s not too uncommon that more than two weeks go by without me touching the washer or the dryer.  More than a few times my husband has stepped in to do the laundry (usually because he’s out of underwear or socks or occasionally even pants for work…*shakes my head*).  I need to wash the diapers (more about that later) at least every other day!  I would really like to just keep up with the laundry as it comes.  I have tried different techniques to motivate me to do the laundry more often and it works for a while but as soon as life gets busy I find those dirty clothes piling right up, sometimes all over the place—in the bedroom, the baby’s room, even the living room or the den—generally, because the laundry room is already full (and I have a BIG laundry room).  So do I have you convinced about how awful I am about laundry?  I’m sure this evidence has been convincing enough. 

One goal I have been struggling with lately is being a little greener, crunchier.  Okay, let’s just say it: I really want to be a hippy!  But I am so not!  I could be a hippy if:  I dried my clothes on a line.  I really want a line in the backyard.  I live in Florida, where it’s warm and sunny.  There is absolutely no reason for me not to dry my clothes on the line.  Plus, there are all those extra benefits like the antibacterial properties, bleaching out stains, and the money you save in energy costs!  I really kind of hate whoever invented the dryer.  If we had just kept doing things the way we were doing them in the past life would have been better for “the next generation”.  But, then again, that’s almost always the case; isn’t it?  I wonder if I can convince my hubby to go along with this goal.  I don’t think he will like the crunchiness of the close dried on the line.  I could still dry my clothes and my daughter’s clothes on the line, which would be better than nothing right?  Goal 1: Put a line in the backyard and start using it!

I could be a hippy if: I stop buying detergent!  Sounds gross, right?  Well, I don’t really mean it like it sounds.  Premixed detergents are REALLY expensive.  They are really chock-full of artificial fragrances, chemicals, and other not-so-good or even necessary fillers.  Also, we pretty much all use WAY too much of it!  I can almost guarantee you that you could start using about half as much and your clothes will be just as clean AND they will last longer.  When you use too much detergent, it never fully washes out and that can be really hard on your clothes and builds up making clothes look dingy and old.  Honestly, though, what is the obsession with “cleanliness” in America?  Does every article of clothing have to be washed every single time we wear it?  Why do we ignore the fill lines in the cap and just fill the detergent all the way to the top?  I know, I’m guilty of it.  What I want to do instead: Make my own detergent from borax, washing soda, and some mild soap.  It will be extra work, but it will be less expensive and healthier so it’s a good trade-off.  Goal 2: Use less detergent and use detergent that I make myself! 

In conclusion, I must say I have no idea when I will reach these goals, but I hope that it is sooner rather than later. Of course, I will keep you all updated on the process!

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    Rise Baxley. said:

    May. 9, 2011

    hope you can make it happen, but don’t try to do it all at once. Do one thing at a time. Keep on doing it until it becomes a habit. Then add the next thing you want to do.

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